This Pokemon Platinum Action Replay cheat lets you get a Regigigas. Make sure you have 6 Pokemon in your  party and that you don’t care if you lose the 6th Pokemon.  Press L + R to activate the code:

94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E0000550 000000EC
00000001 65F40000
9365EC12 A00365BC
BF85C57B 105CA859
52D68B2C 326C9CC1
85EF46EA BE164279
972A9346 8A10C23D
221DEBBE 5358F2DD
FB937201 F32CCEAD
60795357 8631574C
BD2D2FFE 532812B7
C4FB7781 39D7CAA8
7FADC9D1 FE3041F9
DA2C033B 72083C1B
CC10F6FB C79108EB
CF7A61E9 9656471E
B9F50886 5C56FBB1
AC2141C6 1FB6D2EF
B6A879E2 37B94AFA
DE490C2D 92F95736
223B7937 2B1BA63E
7DBEC167 006E4E6B
C32A2FD8 FD182D54
1445EF82 D793BB96
8BD4CE98 A85758D7
EC74D431 26D85409
68A98C29 C1B333EB
D8372D49 062303D5
474E9945 00000000
D2000000 00000000

32 Responses to “Pokemon Platinum Get a Regigigas - Action Replay - Nintendo DS”

  1. axeymagy Says:

    this code sux i dosent work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  2. hello Says:

    what do you mean press l+r at the SAME TIME???? Thats IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

  3. Christa Says:

    Awsome it worked XD THANX! i wunder if i can meet the regi in the snow palace now? :P

  4. cdogg Says:

    You first two guys are on crack. yes you can hit l and r at the same time unless you have only one finger :p and good job it worked. Thanks and keep up the good work…

    Stay off crack kids.

  5. Jimmy Says:

    Lol, it’s regigigas but it’s not the event one.
    With this regigigas you’re still unable to catch the three regi pokemon. -.-

  6. Alexis Says:

    hey, ill input this code because of Jimmy’s comment. its the code that gives you the Japanese REGIGIGAS and SHAYMIN from the Pokemon Movie 8 Event in Japan. thay are totally legit and can be used in pokemon battle revolution. also with the regigigas u can activate the event to catch all other 3 regis. they apear in box 18 slots 1 and 2 and will delete any pokemon in those slots.

    Movie Regigigas & movie Shaymin box 18 (Press L+R)
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    0001de34 87391d8c
    0001de38 fcb80000
    0001de3c dec17a06
    0001de40 aabe7257
    0001de44 0acba745
    0001de48 36f8bbd2
    0001de4c 90c9c5d3
    0001de50 1300e5f9
    0001de54 551a7a3e
    0001de58 179cc6a1
    0001de5c d0deec41
    0001de60 f4b0c59c
    0001de64 38af793e
    0001de68 ba383b94
    0001de6c 2da4a04a
    0001de70 22944555
    0001de74 666e2e8f
    0001de78 827740d1
    0001de7c 05eb50da
    0001de80 22756bc5
    0001de84 c6903daa
    0001de88 ad4e7520
    0001de8c 8076b23a
    0001de90 63f11576
    0001de94 0c1e41b6
    0001de98 50119b01
    0001de9c 719190be
    0001dea0 c5153b5a
    0001dea4 0729c930
    0001dea8 36d3616a
    0001deac 64faeed9
    0001deb0 ecc80737
    0001deb4 17c483b0
    0001deb8 f22de13c
    0001debc af35fca0
    0001dec0 c7870000
    0001dec4 f31dd6e2
    0001dec8 c374d225
    0001decc 1b9ed089
    0001ded0 81b00392
    0001ded4 eb60353b
    0001ded8 223a3506
    0001dedc 799572fd
    0001dee0 b35885b4
    0001dee4 fc6ecadd
    0001dee8 fdf49a91
    0001deec 60ee16fa
    0001def0 8ecaa172
    0001def4 a6d50326
    0001def8 0d545764
    0001defc 598da3d8
    0001df00 546668ea
    0001df04 aae9a2f7
    0001df08 a9303be3
    0001df0c 85b95ce8
    0001df10 757cea39
    0001df14 c7d41c0e
    0001df18 f62d5edc
    0001df1c 1fb8fe44
    0001df20 38892a3d
    0001df24 f12c0d15
    0001df28 5eed4242
    0001df2c b4ff42bc
    0001df30 7476355d
    0001df34 4f3b467b
    0001df38 a9922e40
    0001df3c 782a849d
    0001df40 425ce594
    d2000000 00000000

    BTW here are the things you need to activate the events.
    1. Have National Dex.
    2. Have Japanese Regigigas with you in your PKMN party.
    3. Pack up on Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls, Timer Balls, or Master Balls if you have any.
    4. Bring at least 2 Fighting Type Pokemon since its super affective against the four regis.
    5. Bring some Hyper and Max Potions just in case.

    ill give you the locations for the four regis now.

    Regigigas(the one originally caught in the game)
    Appears as a statue in Snowpoint City’s Temple at the last floor.(NOTE: You can only fight him after having caught the other 3 regis)

    It apears in Route 228 in the desert’s cave.(NOTE: You need to first walk over all the flashing tiles in the floor, then a second opening in the cave will apear, revealing inside Regirock.)

    It apears in Mt.Corenet in a cave next to the exit to Snowpoint City. I suggest coming from Snowpoint down into the mountain. INside the cave you have to walk over flashing tiles again like when looking for regirock. Then walk into the second opening and challenge Regice.

    It apears in Iron Island at a cave in the far end of it, where Riley gives you the Riolu egg. You go inside and walk over the flashing floor to open the second entrance. Then go challenge Registeel.

    TIP: Remember to always SAVE THE GAME before the battle.

    and here are some BONUS CODES:

    995 of all items
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e0000644 00000294
    03e30044 03e30045
    03e30046 03e30047
    03e30048 03e30049
    03e3004a 03e3004b
    03e3004c 03e3004d
    03e3004e 03e3004f
    03e30050 03e30051
    03e30052 03e30053
    03e30054 03e30055
    03e30056 03e30057
    03e30058 03e30059
    03e3005a 03e3005b
    03e3005c 03e3005d
    03e3005e 03e3005f
    03e30060 03e30061
    03e30062 03e30063
    03e30064 03e30065
    03e30066 03e30067
    03e30068 03e30069
    03e3006a 03e3006b
    03e3006c 03e3006d
    03e3006e 03e3006f
    03e30070 03e30087
    03e30088 03e300d5
    03e300d6 03e300d7
    03e300d8 03e300d9
    03e300da 03e300db
    03e300dc 03e300dd
    03e300de 03e300df
    03e300e0 03e300e1
    03e300e2 03e300e3
    03e300e4 03e300e5
    03e300e6 03e300e7
    03e300e8 03e300e9
    03e300ea 03e300eb
    03e300ec 03e300ed
    03e300ee 03e300ef
    03e300f0 03e300f1
    03e300f2 03e300f3
    03e300f4 03e300f5
    03e300f6 03e300f7
    03e300f8 03e300f9
    03e300fa 03e300fb
    03e300fc 03e300fd
    03e300fe 03e300ff
    03e30100 03e30101
    03e30102 03e30103
    03e30104 03e30105
    03e30106 03e30107
    03e30108 03e30109
    03e3010a 03e3010b
    03e3010c 03e3010d
    03e3010e 03e3010f
    03e30110 03e30111
    03e30112 03e30113
    03e30114 03e30115
    03e30116 03e30117
    03e30118 03e30119
    03e3011a 03e3011b
    03e3011c 03e3011d
    03e3011e 03e3011f
    03e30120 03e30121
    03e30122 03e30123
    03e30124 03e30125
    03e30126 03e30127
    03e30128 03e30129
    03e3012a 03e3012b
    03e3012c 03e3012d
    03e3012e 03e3012f
    03e30130 03e30131
    03e30132 03e30133
    03e30134 03e30135
    03e30136 03e30137
    03e30138 03e30139
    03e3013a 03e3013b
    03e3013c 03e3013d
    03e3013e 03e3013f
    03e30140 03e30141
    03e30142 03e30143
    03e30144 03e30145
    03e30146 03e30147
    00000000 00000000
    00000000 00000000
    e0000b60 000000a0
    03e30011 03e30017
    03e30018 03e30019
    03e3001a 03e3001e
    03e3001f 03e30020
    03e30021 03e30022
    03e30023 03e3002b
    03e3002c 03e30026
    03e30027 03e30028
    03e30029 03e30012
    03e30013 03e30014
    03e30015 03e30016
    03e3001b 03e30024
    03e3002a 03e3001c
    03e3001d 03e30025
    03e3002d 03e3002e
    03e3002f 03e30030
    03e30031 03e30032
    03e30033 03e30034
    03e30035 03e30036
    00000000 00000000
    e0000d00 0000003c
    03e30001 03e30002
    03e30003 03e30004
    03e30006 03e30007
    03e30008 03e30009
    03e3000a 03e3000b
    03e3000c 03e3000d
    03e3000e 03e3000f
    03e30010 00000000
    e00009a0 00000190
    005f0148 005f0149
    005f014a 005f014b
    005f014c 005f014d
    005f014e 005f014f
    005f0150 005f0151
    005f0152 005f0153
    005f0154 005f0155
    005f0156 005f0157
    005f0158 005f0159
    005f015a 005f015b
    005f015c 005f015d
    005f015e 005f015f
    005f0160 005f0161
    005f0162 005f0163
    005f0164 005f0165
    005f0166 005f0167
    005f0168 005f0169
    005f016a 005f016b
    005f016c 005f016d
    005f016e 005f016f
    005f0170 005f0171
    005f0172 005f0173
    005f0174 005f0175
    005f0176 005f0177
    005f0178 005f0179
    005f017a 005f017b
    005f017c 005f017d
    005f017e 005f017f
    005f0180 005f0181
    005f0182 005f0183
    005f0184 005f0185
    005f0186 005f0187
    005f0188 005f0189
    005f018a 005f018b
    005f018c 005f018d
    005f018e 005f018f
    005f0190 005f0191
    005f0192 005f0193
    005f0194 005f0195
    005f0196 005f0197
    005f0198 005f0199
    005f019a 005f019b
    005f019c 005f019d
    005f019e 005f019f
    005f01a0 005f01a1
    005f01a2 005f01a3
    005f01a4 005f01a5
    005f01a6 005f01a7
    005f01a8 005f01a9
    005f01aa 005f01ab
    e0000c00 00000100
    03e30095 03e30096
    03e30097 03e30098
    03e30099 03e3009a
    03e3009b 03e3009c
    03e3009d 03e3009e
    03e3009f 03e300a0
    03e300a1 03e300a2
    03e300a3 03e300a4
    03e300a5 03e300a6
    03e300a7 03e300a8
    03e300a9 03e300aa
    03e300ab 03e300ac
    03e300ad 03e300ae
    03e300af 03e300b0
    03e300b1 03e300b2
    03e300b3 03e300b4
    03e300b5 03e300b6
    03e300b7 03e300b8
    03e300b9 03e300ba
    03e300bb 03e300bc
    03e300bd 03e300be
    03e300bf 03e300c0
    03e300c1 03e300c2
    03e300c3 03e300c4
    03e300c5 03e300c6
    03e300c7 03e300c8
    03e300c9 03e300ca
    03e300cb 03e300cc
    03e300cd 03e300ce
    03e300cf 03e300d0
    03e300d1 03e300d2
    03e300d3 03e300d4
    e0000b30 00000030
    03e30089 03e3008a
    03e3008b 03e3008c
    03e3008d 03e3008e
    03e3008f 03e30090
    03e30091 03e30092
    03e30093 03e30094
    e0000d3c 00000034
    03e30037 03e30038
    03e30039 03e3003a
    03e3003b 03e3003c
    03e3003d 03e3003e
    03e3003f 03e30040
    03e30041 03e30042
    03e30043 00000000
    d2000000 00000000

    All Key item (Select + Up)
    94000130 ffbb0000
    62101d40 00000000
    b2101d40 00000000
    d5000000 000101ac
    c0000000 00000027
    d6000000 000008d8
    d4000000 00000001
    d2000000 00000000

    Use both the bonus codes because the 995 of all items code doesnt give you the key items.

    All the codes have been tested by me and they all work.
    BTW if you press L+R for the regigigas code then move them and press L+R again you can have multiple Regigigas and Shaymin.

    Hope you like it Jimmy and hope the tips help everyone :D Bye!!

  7. Alexis Says:

    Oh Sorry for my codes being so long. Use the Action Replay Code Manager and copy paste them into your action replay. DO NOT WRITE THEM IN MANUALLY UNLESS YOU WANT CEREBRAL DAMAGE!!! Thank you for reading :D !!

  8. Aloysius Says:

    Yeah,it;s work,i get shiny at lv 1,cool

  9. nath Says:

    i did the regigigas code and i got a bad egg that never haychs and its poisened

  10. mat Says:

    how come i cant get the other three regis, the main reson y i wanted this code is so that i can get all three then the real one

  11. Zak Says:

    Thx this realy does work ur awsome the peeps who say it dont work are….lets just say a little loopy

  12. Sam Rishel Says:

    The top code really works. It will get you a shiny REGIGIGAS.

  13. Sam Rishel Says:

    The top code really works. It will get you a shiny REGIGIGAS.

  14. Sam Rishel Says:

    Zak is right and not right at the same time. The reason he is right is that it does give REGIGIGAS. The reason he in not right is that you can not get the three regi’s

  15. Dan Says:

    i got 2 bad eggs with the regi and shaymin code

  16. pissed off guy Says:

    this crap gave me two bad eggs

  17. pokemon123 Says:

    i cant get it to work

  18. Poop Says:


  19. ninja123 Says:

    i havent tryed it yet

  20. ninja123 Says:

    im not guna if i get a bad egg i will be mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. awsome guy Says:

    what is the code for the deoxys event

  22. shiny ARCEUS Says:

    its not an event. you get deoxys at the pal park just like jirachi, mewtwo, groudon, lugia, celebi, and like, 217 more

  23. shiny ARCEUS Says:

    look up the wild pokémon modifier calculator code, it makes it sooo much easier

  24. f Says:

    The code better be legit because I wrote down every FREAKING NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if it works, yea I’ve completed the sinnoh paart of the national dex.

  25. ameya Says:

    it works

  26. shadow lugia! Says:

    does top one work or not

  27. isaiah conte Says:

    it keeps freezing my game

  28. YEAH THX Says:


  29. Poop Says:

    The top one doesnt work it gave me a badegg

  30. codehelperguy Says:

    ways you can tell a code is fake-
    1. it has letters not used in ar code input system.
    2. does not end with activation line( D2000000 00000000- d7932000 00000000 etc.
    3. spells things like.
    4. and from “people” with the name v303912392321*

    *most smart viruses start like that.

  31. Poop Says:

    does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS CODE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. john Says:

    GAVE ME A F###ing BAD EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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