This Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Cheat Code will let you Walk Anywhere including through walls!

Here’s the code:

94000130 FEFD0000
12060458 0000E00A
120604BE 0000E001
1206055C 0000E008

7 Responses to “Pokemon Platinum Walk Through Walls Action Replay”

  1. dragon Says:

    this walkthrough walls code dose not work i tried it

  2. dragon Says:

    i need a walk thru walls cheat for the ar that dose work

  3. Matt Says:

    R+B to activate
    L+B to deactivate
    Try that

  4. j267 Says:

    dose not work

  5. andrew Says:

    you need to find a movie on youtube that’s called pokemon platinum cheat codes and it will have one that works

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  7. real make money online Says:

    Good work once again! Thumbs up:)

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