To activate this Pokemon Platinum code hold L and R at the same time. This code gives you 777 rare candies.  Here’s the code:
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E0000B60 000000A0
03090032 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000

118 Responses to “Action Replay: Pokemon Platinum Cheat - 777 Rare Candy Candies”

  1. clay Says:

    this code actually works the only bad thing is that it takes all your items out of your medicine and deletes it

  2. ANKIT MEHRA Says:

    TOTALLY AWESOME CODE! Could ya plz make a move modifier, and a learn any tm/hm


    it didn’t work


    change of mind it rocks read 1st comment though

  5. Jerome Says:

    It epicly works! Its alot better than the exp gain because you go beyond the point your pokemon is going to evolve and dont learn too many good moves. Take example monferno, it learns mach punch when it first evolves into that form.

  6. cheatsandfun Says:

    Hi Akit,

    I found the TM Code and am publishing today.

  7. ANJII!! Says:

    the best code ever :]
    thank you!

  8. pokemonmaster82 Says:

    most of the things that you need to play the game is here.

  9. poke awesome Says:

    whats the avtion replay ID code?

  10. poke awesome Says:

    what is the action replay ID code?

  11. cheatsandfun Says:

    the id code for pokemon platinum is cpue-d074d1b3 hope it helps

  12. Zangooze Says:

    ID : CPUE-D074D1B3
    and an idea is to give the medicine items to any pokemon before using this code

  13. newkster Says:

    how do u make it work

  14. cheatsandfun Says:

    hold L+R at the same time

  15. Carica Says:

    when should I hold L+R at the same time to get the cheat?

  16. Laura Says:

    Right It’s Frozen My Medicen Pocket!
    It Didn’t Work And Now I Can’t Use That Pocket Anymore T_T. If I Go Onto It I Have To Turn Off And Turn On Again, First When I Tried It On My Ds Lite It Froze Even When I Pessed L+R. It Didn’t Go That On My Old Ds But It Has Now Stopped Me From Using That Pocket!
    Thank You Very Much >_>
    If You Can Fix That Then Fine, But I Don’t Think It’s Fixable -.-

  17. cheatsandfun Says:

    yes at the same time

  18. typlosion Says:

    i dont get it?i tryed l+r at the same time but it didnt work.

  19. typlosion Says:

    do you need the action replay in order to enter the code?

  20. cheatsandfun Says:


  21. cheatsandfun Says:

    well it worked for multiple people try again

  22. typlosion Says:

    ok sorry to bug u .thanks:}

  23. typlosion Says:

    thank you:)

  24. typlosion Says:

    does anybody know a code to get master balls (after you beat cyrus)

  25. typlosion Says:

    do you need to hook it up to the computer?

  26. cyrus 64 Says:

    i dont get this code i tried the code but it didnt work.can i have some help

  27. cheatsandfun Says:

    just keep trying

  28. cheatsandfun Says:

    no you can but you dont have to

  29. abackus95 Says:

    Do you have to have an action replay for the ds light for this cheat???

  30. minipop. Says:

    so I have a dsi and it doesn’t work. I clicked L+R and nothing came up. pretty lame. -.-

  31. ashlingsx Says:

    :S it doesn’t work.. where do i press l&r to make this code work?
    aghh help Dx.

  32. troyb Says:

    it worked but lost all items in my medicine

  33. ashlingsx Says:

    ohehe xD it workedded! yayzz, tyvm me’luv.

  34. i don tnow how 2 do it Says:

    how do you put in the code on the ds i dont get it

  35. Jake Says:

    When do you hold L+R????

  36. Adam Says:

    Awesome yo but it erases other items

  37. Z Says:

    yup it worked but it deleted all my meds (im playin it on an emulator, im poor)

  38. Chase Says:

    thanks,awesome code!!!!!! it worked the first time for me and guys if it doesnt work you probably just typed it in wrong,
    does anybody want the Max Exp code?


  39. pira Says:

    thank for the code man, this is the first 1 that work 4 mi properly.
    Does any1 knw where to get coed like theses frm?
    like da dark stone code??


  40. LetsDestroy Says:

    worked perfectly,
    tyvm! ^-^

  41. LetsDestroy Says:

    can anyone give me some info about the AR codes for the masterball? would really appreciate it!

  42. jtyu Says:

    master balls x9999
    99054fff ae6631f2
    00000000 00000000
    00000000 00000000
    d2000000 00000000
    00000000 00000000

  43. jtyu Says:

    all leagend darie pokemon

    66111332 455778a2
    fffdc200 444132dd
    d2000000 00000000
    00000000 00000000

  44. tom Says:

    well good thank you so so so so so so so much

  45. josie Says:

    what’s with all of the zero? it is really hard 2 put in. i don’t get it.

  46. H.C.A.S.H Says:

    any1 got a code that will give u Lv 10 Starter Team ???

  47. Brandon Says:

    For the x777 rare candys do you have to beat a certain part to order to do AR codes.

  48. Brandon Says:

    Because i have lot of cheats for this game but they dont work……………. PLease replay soon.

  49. Infinity Says:

    Do u need a action reply to get the rare candy? if youre playing on emulator? ( i am)

  50. kuper Says:

    i play on an no$gba emulator, this cheat will work?
    and if so, can you explain me how to make it work please…
    (where to put the code and so…)
    thank you :)

  51. code finder Says:

    hi!! im new at this, but i found a preety awesome code that gives you 995 of every item except key items,its preety sweet and it works. activate it by pressing L+R.

    code:platinum version US version only
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e0000644 00000294
    03e30044 03e30045
    03e30046 03e30047
    03e30048 03e30049
    03e3004a 03e3004b
    03e3004c 03e3004d
    03e3004e 03e3004f
    03e30050 03e30051
    03e30052 03e30053
    03e30054 03e30055
    03e30056 03e30057
    03e30058 03e30059
    03e3005a 03e3005b
    03e3005c 03e3005d
    03e3005e 03e3005f
    03e30060 03e30061
    03e30062 03e30063
    03e30064 03e30065
    03e30066 03e30067
    03e30068 03e30069
    03e3006a 03e3006b
    03e3006c 03e3006d
    03e3006e 03e3006f
    03e30070 03e30087
    03e30088 03e300d5
    03e300d6 03e300d7
    03e300d8 03e300d9
    03e300da 03e300db
    03e300dc 03e300dd
    03e300de 03e300df
    03e300e0 03e300e1
    03e300e2 03e300e3
    03e300e4 03e300e5
    03e300e6 03e300e7
    03e300e8 03e300e9
    03e300ea 03e300eb
    03e300ec 03e300ed
    03e300ee 03e300ef
    03e300f0 03e300f1
    03e300f2 03e300f3
    03e300f4 03e300f5
    03e300f6 03e300f7
    03e300f8 03e300f9
    03e300fa 03e300fb
    03e300fc 03e300fd
    03e300fe 03e300ff
    03e30100 03e30101
    03e30102 03e30103
    03e30104 03e30105
    03e30106 03e30107
    03e30108 03e30109
    03e3010a 03e3010b
    03e3010c 03e3010d
    03e3010e 03e3010f
    03e30110 03e30111
    03e30112 03e30113
    03e30114 03e30115
    03e30116 03e30117
    03e30118 03e30119
    03e3011a 03e3011b
    03e3011c 03e3011d
    03e3011e 03e3011f
    03e30120 03e30121
    03e30122 03e30123
    03e30124 03e30125
    03e30126 03e30127
    03e30128 03e30129
    03e3012a 03e3012b
    03e3012c 03e3012d
    03e3012e 03e3012f
    03e30130 03e30131
    03e30132 03e30133
    03e30134 03e30135
    03e30136 03e30137
    03e30138 03e30139
    03e3013a 03e3013b
    03e3013c 03e3013d
    03e3013e 03e3013f
    03e30140 03e30141
    03e30142 03e30143
    03e30144 03e30145
    03e30146 03e30147
    00000000 00000000
    00000000 00000000
    e0000b60 000000a0
    03e30011 03e30017
    03e30018 03e30019
    03e3001a 03e3001e
    03e3001f 03e30020
    03e30021 03e30022
    03e30023 03e3002b
    03e3002c 03e30026
    03e30027 03e30028
    03e30029 03e30012
    03e30013 03e30014
    03e30015 03e30016
    03e3001b 03e30024
    03e3002a 03e3001c
    03e3001d 03e30025
    03e3002d 03e3002e
    03e3002f 03e30030
    03e30031 03e30032
    03e30033 03e30034
    03e30035 03e30036
    00000000 00000000
    e0000d00 0000003c
    03e30001 03e30002
    03e30003 03e30004
    03e30006 03e30007
    03e30008 03e30009
    03e3000a 03e3000b
    03e3000c 03e3000d
    03e3000e 03e3000f
    03e30010 00000000
    e00009a0 00000190
    005f0148 005f0149
    005f014a 005f014b
    005f014c 005f014d
    005f014e 005f014f
    005f0150 005f0151
    005f0152 005f0153
    005f0154 005f0155
    005f0156 005f0157
    005f0158 005f0159
    005f015a 005f015b
    005f015c 005f015d
    005f015e 005f015f
    005f0160 005f0161
    005f0162 005f0163
    005f0164 005f0165
    005f0166 005f0167
    005f0168 005f0169
    005f016a 005f016b
    005f016c 005f016d
    005f016e 005f016f
    005f0170 005f0171
    005f0172 005f0173
    005f0174 005f0175
    005f0176 005f0177
    005f0178 005f0179
    005f017a 005f017b
    005f017c 005f017d
    005f017e 005f017f
    005f0180 005f0181
    005f0182 005f0183
    005f0184 005f0185
    005f0186 005f0187
    005f0188 005f0189
    005f018a 005f018b
    005f018c 005f018d
    005f018e 005f018f
    005f0190 005f0191
    005f0192 005f0193
    005f0194 005f0195
    005f0196 005f0197
    005f0198 005f0199
    005f019a 005f019b
    005f019c 005f019d
    005f019e 005f019f
    005f01a0 005f01a1
    005f01a2 005f01a3
    005f01a4 005f01a5
    005f01a6 005f01a7
    005f01a8 005f01a9
    005f01aa 005f01ab
    e0000c00 00000100
    03e30095 03e30096
    03e30097 03e30098
    03e30099 03e3009a
    03e3009b 03e3009c
    03e3009d 03e3009e
    03e3009f 03e300a0
    03e300a1 03e300a2
    03e300a3 03e300a4
    03e300a5 03e300a6
    03e300a7 03e300a8
    03e300a9 03e300aa
    03e300ab 03e300ac
    03e300ad 03e300ae
    03e300af 03e300b0
    03e300b1 03e300b2
    03e300b3 03e300b4
    03e300b5 03e300b6
    03e300b7 03e300b8
    03e300b9 03e300ba
    03e300bb 03e300bc
    03e300bd 03e300be
    03e300bf 03e300c0
    03e300c1 03e300c2
    03e300c3 03e300c4
    03e300c5 03e300c6
    03e300c7 03e300c8
    03e300c9 03e300ca
    03e300cb 03e300cc
    03e300cd 03e300ce
    03e300cf 03e300d0
    03e300d1 03e300d2
    03e300d3 03e300d4
    e0000b30 00000030
    03e30089 03e3008a
    03e3008b 03e3008c
    03e3008d 03e3008e
    03e3008f 03e30090
    03e30091 03e30092
    03e30093 03e30094
    e0000d3c 00000034
    03e30037 03e30038
    03e30039 03e3003a
    03e3003b 03e3003c
    03e3003d 03e3003e
    03e3003f 03e30040
    03e30041 03e30042
    03e30043 00000000
    d2000000 00000000

    and i also have a code that gives you all key items. it works too, but to activate it you press SELECT+UP. this is also only for the US version.

    94000130 ffbb0000
    62101d40 00000000
    b2101d40 00000000
    d5000000 000101ac
    c0000000 00000027
    d6000000 000008d8
    d4000000 00000001
    d2000000 00000000
    sorry the codes are so long :( i didnt make them. i have found some other codes that are cool, so if you want any just tell me.
    enjoy. :)

  52. code finder Says:

    hey its me again. I have found great codes that give you cool pokemon. unfortunately most of them delete your pokemon party so i suggest storing your best pokemon in the pc. here are some of the codes.they are very long so you might wanna copy paste them to the action replay code manager.i have tested all the codes and they work.

    Ultimate Charizard In Box 1 Slot 1(L+R)
    this code gives you a lvl. 100 shiny charizard with great moves, and the wonder guard ability in slot 1 of box 1. make sure you dont have any pokemon you want in there then press L+R.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e000cf44 00000088
    c6f4c6f2 dc060000
    3749f753 5abc628e
    3693ad1d f1cc255e
    d4ebbf01 7963bbff
    4c901ecf 2852445e
    b6d98960 5fe43669
    2869302b f4a2f24c
    138c8ae1 fd189345
    919d5b6c f9dd8e98
    69785d3c e0ecce20
    c76a6176 519f4db4
    277fe1fb c99decc7
    d2c6e82f e89a9bc5
    a594adf3 1bb40860
    7a3d2461 25144943
    174abf06 b598a6d2
    b55cc51d d8c4c967
    d2000000 00000000

    Movie Regigigas & movie Shaymin box 18 (Press L+R)
    this gives you the regigigas and shaymin from the japanese event of the movie Giratina and the sky warrior. they will both have the japanese version of their names. Regigigas will be at lvl 100 and shaymin at lvl 50. they are not shiny and have good moves. they apear in the first 2 slots of box 18. make sure there are no pokemon there. activate with L+R.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    0001de34 87391d8c
    0001de38 fcb80000
    0001de3c dec17a06
    0001de40 aabe7257
    0001de44 0acba745
    0001de48 36f8bbd2
    0001de4c 90c9c5d3
    0001de50 1300e5f9
    0001de54 551a7a3e
    0001de58 179cc6a1
    0001de5c d0deec41
    0001de60 f4b0c59c
    0001de64 38af793e
    0001de68 ba383b94
    0001de6c 2da4a04a
    0001de70 22944555
    0001de74 666e2e8f
    0001de78 827740d1
    0001de7c 05eb50da
    0001de80 22756bc5
    0001de84 c6903daa
    0001de88 ad4e7520
    0001de8c 8076b23a
    0001de90 63f11576
    0001de94 0c1e41b6
    0001de98 50119b01
    0001de9c 719190be
    0001dea0 c5153b5a
    0001dea4 0729c930
    0001dea8 36d3616a
    0001deac 64faeed9
    0001deb0 ecc80737
    0001deb4 17c483b0
    0001deb8 f22de13c
    0001debc af35fca0
    0001dec0 c7870000
    0001dec4 f31dd6e2
    0001dec8 c374d225
    0001decc 1b9ed089
    0001ded0 81b00392
    0001ded4 eb60353b
    0001ded8 223a3506
    0001dedc 799572fd
    0001dee0 b35885b4
    0001dee4 fc6ecadd
    0001dee8 fdf49a91
    0001deec 60ee16fa
    0001def0 8ecaa172
    0001def4 a6d50326
    0001def8 0d545764
    0001defc 598da3d8
    0001df00 546668ea
    0001df04 aae9a2f7
    0001df08 a9303be3
    0001df0c 85b95ce8
    0001df10 757cea39
    0001df14 c7d41c0e
    0001df18 f62d5edc
    0001df1c 1fb8fe44
    0001df20 38892a3d
    0001df24 f12c0d15
    0001df28 5eed4242
    0001df2c b4ff42bc
    0001df30 7476355d
    0001df34 4f3b467b
    0001df38 a9922e40
    0001df3c 782a849d
    0001df40 425ce594
    d2000000 00000000

    Invincible Pokemon Party(L+R)
    this gives you 5 pokemon all lvl 100 with max stats except for one that will be an egg. the five pokemon are INFERNAPE,TORTERRA,EMPOLEON,SNORLAX, and STARAPTOR(he will be in egg form). they are not shiny. they have all the ribbons and all contest stats maxed out.L+R to activate like the others.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e00000b4 000000ec
    538210fc 048d0000
    a64f5240 646e0f94
    05b0da04 5db6005b
    ecb8b006 d7b8654f
    063e4bc1 30db7999
    cf2e8618 66579408
    b0431ac0 bde87554
    6fccc0b6 062df209
    13e6524b 7ddc5a57
    c9102b81 f405b896
    12651778 16bb3682
    dcadcbcc 167e8343
    7c3649c4 64bb3a5f
    0a320edf 3153453a
    fac91eeb b9c3ea65
    3b48f72e 845a4077
    669296a2 ba62c5e5
    1f874e76 f24a2c88
    9f430860 e610971a
    82733103 6c0e9f0c
    fb16192f 427d5e77
    bc21e9e9 8b66b010
    c92a455c 13607e0f
    b3a6e7ad 229e4f49
    09cdad2d 3c4f95a2
    fea187ee 70486fc0
    8e2e3a99 22e0d201
    a213ec7f 6f1b4aae
    fa40eaed 870ad570
    de002bc3 00000000
    e00001a0 000000ec
    4052fefc 26910000
    4bc64f09 fb6cc2fd
    96fbf406 13a57cb3
    9d462711 c8eb8873
    ea765094 27fa6d97
    dc505206 c1c055a2
    bc5bd649 b34022b2
    5971a8cd 48e97d45
    7548a57d c94ed279
    6dfc99f0 af4c07c0
    19a4c882 1dd62f3d
    a7ecc955 dcc5f1df
    97ee1256 37403a5e
    a5cdfeb2 877f6687
    d57fdc02 e4bece8b
    c9e6f505 8f4905d0
    d1dacc5d a05616bc
    8c64dfef e6794108
    7f59e9d8 e1df3bdb
    ff20e094 56ab6e8f
    d921d389 54654a24
    82a26f64 9e67c02d
    b99f16ae d028f943
    a96ddaed 0ebb409a
    3824e3d0 a82fb275
    8ea6c4cb 45395ddb
    1cdf97e5 9110cd8a
    9e4df1d0 7b982c2c
    e2c20339 79c177c8
    5f687b61 00000000
    e000028c 000000ec
    526fa5f2 3bbd0000
    140d42fe 6bc529c3
    14af83ee 0116d1ba
    ff1796b7 9b542a8c
    aabe797b 1eb09321
    43d7a552 83272286
    fec9f517 5d4f5b15
    5a21f32f a0fdc148
    af49d8f0 7ce8b005
    57103788 9bcc7265
    aea05f8d 7248e52f
    585685f2 e021c4f4
    ca372af9 b71e9a86
    ddec1b2a 25a5a24b
    109700fc 5c625500
    fedc352c 287ba148
    4f77a7d0 f1059013
    4a41e945 edfaa00d
    17251f59 3a505c3c
    23b4f10c a0789455
    e67152de 6beda2a9
    e635dfc9 e6120b8e
    fffdacc4 978e686c
    e74a77bf 26396177
    ceec9fb5 97dff0fe
    b35c4a21 fd438804
    e7686bb1 c966e810
    c714a839 5908c641
    b4bf3de9 6e6e8ba4
    c4856fc2 00000000
    e0000378 000000ec
    9950aef6 5c990000
    ad18923a c93c4d68
    b10a7b88 5fa58a79
    f6e599f1 29501923
    287eec3c b71a38bb
    2146ec06 29080e22
    8e1477b1 3d76275d
    31b42a3e 58b5555d
    5992e057 db129daf
    906f81f6 93b3e158
    ce1e89b4 9acafa6f
    ab2dfa0f a7bc16f3
    56ccca81 f2537396
    e01cd859 0e31f1df
    63e9e2ec d1397b76
    207f68f1 7916e934
    590cd1a4 6680df94
    7882a4ed 377f6773
    88c3a184 6bef01e7
    6b67c62f 4f075e5a
    64924ea7 4374e03a
    a294527c fbd6da6a
    66eb5797 49e5e47c
    a343ab54 3d4d7e21
    20f8e78c aeb193ba
    edb75b4e 76f1b82f
    ee644acf d6af27ff
    bc3e3a9e d210e998
    3041ba1b 84bf9ee9
    40cb6129 00000000
    e0000464 000000ec
    7fda5cfc 07790000
    5bd77d1f e16b7f5e
    0d085724 b8d47ec1
    b32b5fcd d149d26e
    491b6185 19489997
    2c8766d7 a01edc7a
    0461e7d9 0f6b18bd
    9e3ad884 e2e93bf1
    c90778a3 2880de5a
    9f36d5aa 777f7885
    66c23e71 cb662b09
    4d9e3c5b 15915c77
    5a5b57f4 138eae18
    bcef796e 453608f5
    bb7b0310 0d70b866
    098b4be9 a78f28ac
    a0a3440b 8395bb6f
    8576df36 7add7b4e
    13bd3e0a 206accbc
    fb5ad433 9b34c7c5
    1a1d3341 cb805f88
    02330978 0f521734
    7c33a485 3801f8c4
    8c52464c 1e7fe6ca
    9f88ecde 22beaaea
    f396080d 3d4f778c
    7b4af441 874cd0cc
    c3014e8c 5c7810b5
    996d75fc 7ba3faaf
    8098ce30 00000000
    200000b0 00000005
    d2000000 00000000

    Super Aggron(L+R)
    this gives you a lvl 100 shiny aggron with max stats, all ribbons, and great moves. it also has wonder guard.
    WARNING: it overwrites your current pokemon party so put a weak pokemon only, for example a starly caught in route 202.
    It is activated with L+R too.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e00000b4 000000ec
    3ede15f1 60090000
    ba2cac49 feadfc91
    f7b1533d ea54dc38
    fa9f51a2 06a42d56
    c179f0b2 d798c7cd
    53de56fe 4cdf55a1
    687a5936 769f59ce
    0596d65b 285e0ec4
    fb884b92 4978935c
    7c57a598 a9d136fe
    691609e2 3e5fa278
    e4c24cfc e431877c
    162c4a0e 8c384abc
    693b81c3 cc66326f
    6912009d 321431ee
    bcb2836a 59f58d23
    33f29da8 07e8f164
    d04a98a5 1da01424
    013e07b2 c7616083
    85aabdc6 1e685d48
    535b0eb5 e963c476
    7d769a29 e052f0ca
    d8a196da 2cbef55a
    aa971d30 db6cdceb
    fa86cd02 f11710ff
    56e2763b 165f2d11
    2475a7b9 0f00c21f
    caba4878 7046ce68
    516b9eef 4ac0ed76
    43586ab9 00000000
    d2000000 00000000

    legit giratina at pokemart (L+R)
    for those who dont know what legit means, it means it is legal and that it wont show itself as a cheat. all of these codes are legit, some ive just had to rewrite the names. if you want you can change the name to anything you want it to be but the effect will be the same. so this code gives you a lvl 100 giratina non-shiny with max stats. it has the moves JUDGEMENT,SHADOW FORCE, ROAR OF TIME, and SPACIAL also has wonder guard. i think it has all ribbons… anyway it is activated with L+R and after pressing it go to any poke mart, there will be a man with green clothes next to the counter. talk to the man and he will give you the giratina.

    NOTE: you need to have an empty slot in the party to put the giratina in.
    PS: i forgot to tell you the giratina has a griceous orb held, making him be in origin forme.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e000b5d4 00000104
    00000001 00000000
    e60a29cd 013a0000
    a5dcac0d 2483ed96
    be23932a 5cd40e15
    37f86b16 558f694c
    a11aabdc e08ed842
    5eca7f3b 4058b42a
    6bb917fd dc8ee6f5
    a139ee5c c204dc70
    7beff36b d3ae2c43
    7d2e7c01 a00d1122
    d85e5034 1712f6a9
    96725f96 4b04484d
    1e09b818 f1a86dbc
    dbd5406e e56df7dc
    858c8c6c e84744f7
    e1fad23c 779286af
    3ba8f479 78fabdf2
    2e886c9e 100f5708
    f9e8b0bb c16a3c11
    b8851bbb 3665a063
    e7c19f1a 6159f6ac
    2a1d6fc1 5b881ec8
    2ced13d0 b337d9e5
    2d42d8fb c80585f4
    ab187e4e a562c96b
    caef8f98 10413745
    3c9a1306 bc0c2f4d
    bb576d0d dad87e9c
    7b1e9e8d 7cd9845f
    173d4132 00000000
    00000000 00000000
    00000000 00000000
    d2000000 00000000

    Ash’s team in box 17(L+R)
    this code gives you every pokemon ash has with him in the diamond/pearl tv series. it gives you PIKACHU,STARAPTOR,GROTTLE,CHIMCHAR,BUIZLE, and GLISCOR all lvl 100 with the same exsact moves they have in the tv series. they will all OT to ash except for BUIZLE wich is OT to dawn. they apear in the first 6 slots of box 17 and will overwrite any pokemon there, make sure there arent any.L+R activated like the rest.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e001ce44 00000088
    9c87c7f6 c0f20000
    dbe4e910 13741682
    08712185 4df26572
    19dc6fac 90b124b3
    c826e728 697b26aa
    d1226ff0 0e1b5c97
    086bfa69 e59cb8cd
    5d607a37 178fc225
    c92f314e 31e6aa99
    3990cf75 bd27c97d
    b424ff12 ed063f49
    355be647 0c504a80
    ec0c0878 a20699e4
    910fe7c5 b567d7ed
    8ceb3a0c ceb00eeb
    5c0c0073 6ac5abda
    59bfdcc3 95a88091
    e001cecc 00000088
    337917f7 cb470000
    d4957f42 5c51a8b8
    3dc8af26 fd500767
    945b62c9 17d08b0c
    32fe9cac a840ad6b
    04f12af4 c6f8fd7b
    5868da9a cb6cff7a
    fe37e219 9ec701ab
    68c643eb 41330092
    ab77cb91 ee6a64f5
    67e6c94d 6a109ca2
    11e432b1 eca60be3
    389d37b9 d8c9196c
    cb72f3e1 6ae3bc65
    2c0b0367 72820d82
    4ebe86b1 37b3b424
    0de0d79b c7e56d5e
    e001cf54 00000088
    ae3534f1 e4e30000
    511ef0fb 0b313f9c
    9eeb41f8 5752cefd
    12dc0ae3 18ea1796
    81fc2ea8 33f8e41a
    e2cc06da 8e0ad5cd
    e9fd21b6 598009fe
    11f32ba2 60a291da
    9737af9b 91480d4c
    5c5d2fdf c3e7f974
    5590f620 a00548ba
    c9204d1a efe42b8c
    05f1156e 793edcac
    f7154811 8a5ecf07
    12b756c0 c7cfe253
    60bf4b58 7968aaed
    1750388c b599c120
    e001cfdc 00000088
    c2852dfb e69f0000
    e303040d dde2184f
    0cd3ad37 da23fd79
    c5e044bd e02388f9
    1af061f1 c20a59ac
    af73b6f1 1c751360
    22d7f758 30eb8c90
    a58e4539 3e27109b
    97d23e01 f5345d09
    7b406658 1e8ccb53
    0d18feea cce331da
    fd878f15 bd62d645
    494ab056 5c3bb6d4
    d83c9259 ec3a8b2f
    d00d5aaf 65a4bd78
    8436fa73 9146003c
    fa538bcc 6ce2bf1f
    e001d064 00000088
    3801bdf2 d2c90000
    1cec5025 684258c5
    fbc1dc09 9e18b542
    f1ffa7e1 f87e7e97
    b7c3f535 50fa53dd
    ef4eb5ca ac043e36
    1d19dfe1 d89c822b
    bfd70ea1 b0fc96c0
    dbea3591 3ed6e5ac
    c10cea84 4e570893
    38a129a5 517f780f
    5b40e2d7 986a5992
    73a23f65 e1b2fbc3
    8b34f9a5 2eb1887a
    5ef41641 a0840f2b
    b5492098 c3356221
    051020c3 b6faf983
    e001d0ec 00000088
    1d8f5e0f a62c0000
    cd91e528 610ac052
    2da78ec6 02adf03a
    92a51f0f 9b2e5796
    fecb3d1a cfdcb569
    e9dfad9e 85da73d8
    147e0652 d0f8695d
    eecf7fd0 d2399b7b
    c07cef44 ea60d3bb
    0bd0711c 9454c05b
    61e3d1e4 e71fe32f
    ea23e495 529e0b0d
    e8f91b2a 9b8975b1
    bf23225c e807b53f
    03ac49b7 e5dcab3b
    0632ad7d 984cab34
    ed2cd483 46ad312f
    d2000000 00000000

    Custom Pikachu(L+R)
    this code gives you a lvl 100 pikachu with custom has wonder guard. the moves it has are FLAMETHROWER, SHEER COLD, VOLT TACKLE, and another move which i dont remember…(sorry) L+R activated, but it deletes your current pokemon party.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e00000b4 000000ec
    76590bf3 242c0000
    3b123045 04f316c0
    2a69df40 565ddf9f
    3aa71ab4 99a606bd
    e5abc891 95fe3f26
    19b4e96b 515f7e7c
    caa85333 367b2d3d
    92453cd1 70c43735
    b0558c1b 83f79fc4
    4d262419 357d4921
    d2bc9e93 8c44d909
    02b823d8 9b2fe911
    a0d009cf 1144556b
    5d6dae88 8ee032f8
    e5325bbc 5e6f0723
    683750e9 ae7d1fd2
    c89399bd 115b784f
    bafa7680 6d28b9b0
    d0a960bb 0992783e
    22781e7d 5d7718df
    abee1028 a770832e
    96f463c6 ea0a07c3
    b6170c47 4a6c1d3f
    1701cf01 badfee20
    6a7f69f3 cba15866
    33731608 b4f94379
    f10fe99d ee8b7049
    b83fdf40 e7ed27b6
    f06784ba b6796b32
    274e9650 00000000
    d2000000 00000000

    All rotom forms in box 2(L+R)
    this gives you all 6 rotom forms in box 2, make sure there arent ANY pokemon in box two. the rotoms are all in lvl 100 and are shiny.L+R activated.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e000e594 00000088
    88dcd0cc 450d0000
    9e12cba6 087bbc63
    009bddcb a02093b8
    86e7ce0b 3ea32f1c
    14e31896 0bb9be49
    935892ab cbafafba
    1c8c115b a9843473
    8fb720ff 9c26952f
    1548d977 95f8a873
    389cff75 eaae96bf
    d6a93707 2b9fe246
    5e781dd0 d33c1227
    0e015bda dac30b4a
    04b381ff 8f89a2e3
    22a4ec63 e564b11f
    8adff2cf 452bc01a
    ed945c5d d4d77d4f
    e000e61c 00000088
    a836f026 3cd80000
    3fd2f88c 8dca35fa
    486d2a6a 34a42516
    5c4412b7 b5424531
    d64fd05a a47ca983
    75b06d7f 2434fe58
    1ea0e437 88e38db9
    0c486e62 2b43232d
    5af5fdd9 58d9c695
    bee97e37 b5b87f4e
    dcf9037a 6db6014d
    f745905c c5f0a4af
    2bd38ed9 990c31ae
    93734da4 2e1b9ec9
    2d783096 34b97dd9
    be66912d 262617f9
    6d0b0af0 6c861828
    e000e6a4 00000088
    120e4a1e 3c9c0000
    a1f68e01 c2501672
    a088f057 eca4c297
    439e541b c942f091
    bab9adf1 452d7b08
    143717e8 333f6a3b
    1098bac5 9713ff41
    97c79637 a1135dd1
    05f9ff5d b5f3b2e4
    6eb7bca2 f1d51c8d
    0e26cae0 c39fb987
    39298b70 87c2dfb3
    9059e1a5 8f39d5ee
    d4da5f22 049386f7
    07d8da1a c4e29740
    63236bf3 9cf78fe8
    49d7301f bb614f5a
    e000e72c 00000088
    1e3f462f 45840000
    18f45cbb 7621f45c
    842fc7a4 61460f5b
    20b760ce 2ed8f4b5
    3ced2f78 652a0841
    6918dac6 ea6b337a
    470013fc c241821f
    ee463bc5 17dba969
    5e3bc5d9 4c735548
    4fe299b2 ee0f995c
    428f276c 8c4e8caf
    f1424678 c27b1d1b
    a48e9539 081c7476
    f801bed6 9c43c9c8
    e1fc5f72 a13a2e5f
    9946034e 62853a70
    33e854ab af08f3ba
    e000e7b4 00000088
    dd838593 357f0000
    22a7ae42 44509b9c
    9b5d9579 773fa027
    922d51a1 4adb3ad2
    cdc6f988 4a9402b5
    6365d4d1 c3a62215
    58252e7c c2124a54
    54df6917 1e977c27
    3ebb3960 b344f16e
    be1fc973 494dccb4
    10d31550 b842b38d
    9c314fa8 4f175ed3
    2e5af44e 7bdda87e
    82268312 ca5c66cb
    734478f8 eba90ada
    77b9a508 75c3949c
    df023f05 5a76d4f8
    e000e83c 00000088
    5b390329 45d40000
    ea9ceb0a 0f589e3b
    a0e3306a 3bdff42d
    a7d962a9 9ed89135
    9285feaf 3f2a9063
    3f12f863 90a34ef8
    a542f9f3 b31e6041
    7679ecfe dda44f72
    df76192a cad9f740
    65399d13 280d9870
    ae596f32 2e6ebdd1
    d9674d08 1562ce6b
    36cd83fe 1abe1134
    4a74fcf8 dc0ae714
    6b88d210 0c234362
    6dfc5dfd c3b335be
    cab7dbc2 8f2965bd
    d2000000 00000000

    Legit Rayquaza(L+R)
    this gives you a shiny lvl 100 RAYQUAZA with wonder guard and great moves. overwrites your curent party. L+R activated.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e00000b4 000000ec
    993ff79b 25770000
    e2293c35 c72c38bc
    559306c8 1a3d898d
    10f97262 bf779177
    06659442 01a3804f
    97b6a4a4 e2c4ae9d
    911012d9 5094281f
    959a75e0 68b0fcbf
    ebfe94d3 77744ee0
    8e993abb 1898bddf
    e6a18206 7e69aae0
    33fb9a99 b434c98b
    c6c6179f 3bd7f1cc
    77e86a8b 87d2f3ed
    4e685b47 a5299025
    684ca17b 33c32ce8
    5684c7ed a3e27d3f
    65c49a90 03f60d54
    38e81000 f6b88674
    38506735 8a52c774
    123eed72 e7dd8637
    d0afdba8 68e81f9e
    4c6dff88 0653465e
    9b9e17d1 474b4dd2
    c0f649f1 fc972e1f
    09277cce 5d31a697
    cb989bc3 58182262
    825405e8 2f64435a
    6d44ad95 b09a3737
    34a0ac29 00000000
    d2000000 00000000

    Legit Celebi(L+R)
    this gives you a lvl 100 shiny celebi with wonder guard ability.
    it has good moves. L+R activated.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e00000b4 000000ec
    9191ec38 0fdd0000
    77c667e7 0f919c3d
    b01f6a95 da783354
    04346df4 9ec910bc
    c253612a 06dda8df
    ac8fd501 b689265f
    d0e9646e bd430389
    28e6469f deba6ef2
    2c418a5d f72474e0
    68c63802 c6cc1c98
    844dd2e3 dffbf7fb
    c2ebe03c 96d69d39
    a21cc1ee a9cbe96a
    0de49a71 6473e68c
    716d46f5 635a4022
    e737be04 89a0ab65
    2622559b 90f9be52
    51e25c6b d875bf0a
    38093e3b 7deca7e6
    880be508 d3262d39
    4743ff00 ad08a525
    43c261fd 3a07e8df
    92b165e0 13ed194c
    913e6a57 4f9e93d7
    fb367f08 b83653a6
    d4ce89e6 986e320f
    2ca07ec6 b643ba4a
    f9f37c31 64d88467
    9b3ee17b d09b4b81
    b8efb214 00000000
    d2000000 00000000

    this gives you a full pokemon party of water pokemon. they are all lvl 100 and shiny and have wonder guard. the pokemon are BLASTOISE,EMPOLEON,FERALIGATR,SUICOON,LAPRAS, and POLIWRATH. L+R activated, deletes your pokemon party.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e00000b4 000000ec
    b9ffb9fe 18080000
    3c26a584 3dce2010
    29fe2606 b1b590c7
    ef131292 271bed09
    48fe9e60 bc7ef7d3
    917f1980 6f2ad093
    2f2b7947 20db04c6
    800b52d6 e722b8e7
    bbd558b1 c88673f3
    80fa99af df0aa5dc
    ccc49e72 550d602b
    71890f60 ca5f25eb
    4fcc45d9 e9d0b37d
    348da628 a5d91108
    af7c6fa2 37ba808f
    5f88e55d aa738b00
    0da3e09c 74776a41
    38007501 e98f71b8
    e40cee55 1604878c
    d80cef2c d532f923
    d34a01ad 94df8a48
    c5e66fcd 80e8f5d8
    0fed8442 9b8001d6
    9e45ed2d 567e5ec8
    d1c705a7 26ecde59
    1bf1912b 19413f08
    f218bd26 f936f96d
    458550bf ba3368df
    28325392 ff0e94cf
    a8e15b4d 00000000
    e00001a0 000000ec
    a0ffa0fe 1a2b0000
    1f5631cd d5afacba
    d9aeafbb d8c935d7
    0575ef44 61bcd184
    91bf894b a68c00ee
    6bcdd923 e9a0a904
    5d6d7886 f73292f3
    e72e4599 d937924a
    2950ef04 2bfc6b1c
    161bd32d 53e75f6c
    5f17aa7e d3cd334f
    ed94ab5c 9054bff2
    2a474e8e 9106118d
    9287573d c7a6852d
    0c74e69f 604d8d15
    2122fc82 eb99015d
    92cb6b0f 9740fd40
    15ec7259 9c087d0a
    0e443b45 3389d59f
    b3d13ce8 0c7d944d
    18390176 4e975ab6
    2a0d8469 604d1b8b
    d67a9737 f6cbd44b
    cdef12c1 7e12b04b
    e856d16e 0f74d908
    8b3abb0a 8c8511d0
    f3ac1652 25dc9dcf
    f00598c0 596604de
    c41519ec 0435bd0e
    0166a4db 00000000
    e000028c 000000ec
    7af37af7 07ab0000
    5f7f5b3b 5d819697
    6d704927 5009c856
    924a815b 14b76d65
    f13c0198 b1f6e6fd
    536dd987 a9206fd7
    91eee5f3 041b405c
    17185782 62b46068
    87ccccb6 5780c395
    8ac57665 18fe4b36
    6204f91e b64d7ae0
    604a3f8a 61c59cad
    a142e83f 1bd1fae9
    30103e12 0abc5c29
    299d322d 4cbe67ed
    d1825b68 97b41e0d
    b2e4385d 8faae529
    cda25b2c a8d0991b
    78fe6645 396908a3
    2e4a0dfa 71a37ea8
    34d2a66a f729072d
    7de4a78a e049afdf
    61021818 8526d2c3
    9bb7519d d3eadbff
    9cfcc65c 4dfc2b9f
    fda710f6 70daca77
    c5a37aa7 35a06f41
    a29856b9 e34ce598
    546acf04 04135ac1
    513f7a42 00000000
    e0000378 000000ec
    542a542c db4f0000
    12f0f071 355b8895
    c2353cfc a4cb3211
    fdcdd53e 5ccbcb98
    4ec10edc ec082a02
    d1455c7b cd207fb6
    217f182b b5ae0e22
    0abe3de2 e5f08665
    7c7d75fe 7413bd83
    da6557f0 0e2864b5
    80b57e1f c299acfc
    6a111cf3 eff24738
    1ef6a4e1 17289d87
    d7bf087f d8b53343
    4e592382 46ea8937
    67b7cc62 7db4eba0
    926d9f8e 7e79c519
    815501b3 a8de03cf
    bd72d624 5f931fb6
    cca48557 fb6c16e4
    f56a3a5d 21142cf7
    dd800364 aebd9138
    de7fe3e7 7b300501
    66c479c2 c903b933
    4525676b d8f9dbb1
    dbed208e 3ea88812
    8024ebd9 db5c0f91
    89122e13 a33bcc48
    d4065273 90a9f39d
    c053e42f 00000000
    e0000464 000000ec
    6b086b0c db780000
    3ee57a8f 536f1dd0
    b144e878 a5bd1736
    b6a79bb5 9301a7cf
    b0764cb0 3a4eddc5
    a6914fe4 3e19b406
    1ff31615 7a1783a3
    840aca24 cd9f7f8b
    128030b1 c64d88b2
    ee17c22c 12b16912
    bf0150c2 88aa0d5c
    96283948 0bf7611b
    c1bd819d 04552962
    86c34478 4b5f46e5
    bf098268 9c142d8d
    3b448ebc dd4ba049
    d9ac7594 64893e5d
    b5effa7b 257272b9
    bd8ac23b a657ee23
    36482693 8ed8ff74
    ace4d246 34964d1c
    f7572c56 d978441f
    479174d5 51b89c3b
    2a10b575 46397d1a
    4fa6e3e3 74ecb1c3
    1e7dc460 93759f52
    4f5b6190 b80df2eb
    1b272d92 6ca93aeb
    bcac2050 d05bdf61
    4a9b6717 00000000
    e0000550 000000ec
    940f9408 cd7f0000
    ace46e10 7aaac0ee
    6f9d88ce 329a7b4b
    ba0cd8b1 e63dfbcf
    d8e7b555 72c135fc
    43791720 4bfe003e
    7ec7ee99 4380b85d
    0d063965 50aa1bc0
    74ffec8b 0f71184e
    90572e29 1636f17b
    9ed207a1 ce4b8816
    c883947c f9f122ca
    cb856293 684bb18c
    45269123 d84abedd
    7e7426ec 60ed78e7
    5205bc8d 83422d8f
    6891ea98 98ce9974
    bfff4fec a8d9ba76
    0105a922 52571f9b
    8c457295 cb1abd22
    f48c9835 586746ef
    516d70a3 a0e637b1
    76669234 f2dea49d
    f9eb4bcf 6280537f
    a060d6e1 e2034ced
    eadb96b9 b8105dc0
    ce2ff913 f8613bc0
    d625cbf2 e2a4419d
    390c1cb2 4ba4f626
    9f74f45d 00000000
    d2000000 00000000

    well this are all the pokemon giving codes i know and they have all been tested.
    WARNING: dont use them all at the same time or you will not be able to have all these pokemon.

    here are other pokemon codes that you might like.

    Wild Pokemon Modifier
    i suggest writing in the full instructions until you have learned how to use it.
    For it to work you need the calculater poketch app.
    Step 1: in the calculator press the national dex number of the pokemon you want from 1-493 example: #151 MEW then press L
    Step 2: after have pressed L, clear the calculator and input the lvl from 1-100 you want the pokemon to have then press R
    Step 3: after pressing R, walk into grass and the pokemon that apears should be the one you want at the lvl you want if you did the steps correctly.
    94000130 fdff0000
    94000130 fdff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    d9000000 00111d10
    c0000000 0000000c
    dc000000 00000004
    d6000000 000233e8
    d1000000 00000000
    c0000000 0000000a
    d6000000 000233e8
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 feff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    d9000000 00111d10
    c0000000 0000000c
    d6000000 000233e8
    dc000000 00000004
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 fffb0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    da000000 00111d10
    d4000000 00002400
    d3000000 00000000
    d7000000 0207404c
    d2000000 00000000

    Shiny Pkmn
    here is a code that makes every wild pokemon shiny, this goes nicely with the wild pokemon modifier. :) to activate go to your trainer card and press R+B, to deactivate press L+B.
    02071d78 47104a00
    02071d7c 02000031
    94000130 fcfe0200
    0207406c 47084900
    02074070 02000001
    02073e3c 47084900
    02073e40 02000051
    12073e30 000046c0
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 fcfe0100
    0207406c 95019000
    02074070 90022000
    02073e3c 43200400
    02073e40 1c28900d
    12073e30 0000d107
    d2000000 00000000
    62000000 95019000
    e2000000 00000080
    95019000 90022000
    1c28b40d f0754907
    1c01ff13 2901bc0d
    4902d101 49024708
    00004708 02074075
    02074053 00000000
    95019000 69384a04
    98046010 4b019a09
    00004718 02071d81
    0200002c 00000000
    43200400 4907b401
    f0756809 1c01feed
    2901bc01 4904d001
    900d4708 49031c28
    00004708 0200002c
    02073e33 02073e45
    d2000000 00000000

    and finally this code will make it easy for you to catch tought pkmn like in lvl 100 for the pkmn modifier :)
    100% Catch Rate
    9224a948 00002801
    1224a948 00004280
    d2000000 00000000

    PS: the 100% catch works automatically, you dont have to activate it with any bottons.

    well this are some preety awesome codes i gave you. i was just bored and had a lot of time to do this. hope i helped. :)

  53. code finder Says:

    OOPS!! forgot to tell you that all this codes are for the US version only.

  54. cheatsandfun Says:

    Hey Codefinder, Thanks! I posted this on the first page of the blog!

  55. cheatsandfun Says:

    Hey Codefinder, Thanks Again!!

  56. LetsDestroy Says:

    lol code finder o___o gg they all work XD nice codes!
    do you perhaps have uhm a code to obtain all the badges cus i dled a bad rom and it keeps getting stuck @ the 8th gym but i dont wanna just dl a different rom and have to do everything over again x.x

    just leave a message here if u got sumthing like that. thanks in advance.

  57. rkiffer Says:

    all of the 0 in the first

  58. code finder Says:

    sorry i took so long to write back guys… well, LetsDestroy, i do have 1 code for all badges, but if you’ve just started the game some of the events from the story of the game will never happen, for example the first time you team up with Dawn or other events…
    use it at your own risk….
    anyway heres the code.

    All Badges (L+R)
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    20000096 000000ff
    d2000000 00000000

  59. code finder Says:

    hi again! i thought i would share some new codes i found around the web with everyone. :)
    ive got many codes and have tested MOST of them…
    this codes are preety fun and useful so i hope u like them.

    All Box Wallpapers (Select)
    this gives you all the box wallpapers including ones you can only get in japanese events like giratina wallpaper or team galactic wallpaper. ive tested this one and it should work. make sure you save the game before entering the PC boxes just in case.
    94000130 fffb0000
    b2101140 00000000
    2001f106 000000ff
    d2000000 00000000

    No Banned Pokemon in the Battle Frontier
    this lets you bring any pokemon into the battle frontier including is auto activated.
    120f05be 00000000
    c0000000 00000009
    020f05c0 00000000
    dc000000 00000004
    d2000000 00000000

    Lv. 99 Poffins(L+R TO ACTIVATE):
    this gives you a full poffin case of lvl 99 MILD poffins. unfortunately it deletes every other poffinn you had before, but its worth it.
    94000130 fcff0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e00052fc 00000310
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    6363631c 00636363
    d2000000 00000000

    this next 2 codes are for eggs only:
    Instant Egg(Press X)
    this gives you an egg instantly in the day care.
    NOTE:you must have two of the same pokemon and one has to be female, or simply put 1 female pokemon for it to breed by its self.
    WARNING: dont use the code if there is no pokemon in the day care. it will make the old man give you an egg but there will be nothing inside. then if you hatch it the spot it takes will be empty and cannot be switched, stored, or released. that spot will be empty FOREVER so be cautious when using this code…
    94000136 fffe0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e0001840 00000005
    a1ba0f8e 00000002
    d2000000 00000000

    Fast Egg Hatch(Hold A and Walk/Ride)
    this is not the same code the action replay already came with, the one from the action replay only reduces time by half, this code makes the egg instantly on the “sounds can be heard from inside! it must be close to hatching!” status and you just have to walk a few steps for it to hatch.
    94000130 fffe0000
    921e71ec 00004281
    121e71ec 00004289
    d2000000 00000000

    Complete Pokedex (Select)
    this code is great for those who are having a hard time completing the sinnoh pokedex. it fills all data and makes them apear as caught. it also works for national pokedex.
    By the way: if you complete the pokedex and talk to OAK nothing happens…. what a major let down :(
    94000130 fffb0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    00001654 00010101
    00001658 fffcc750
    1000165c 0000fdfe
    0000137c 10001fff
    c0000000 0000000e
    00001340 ffffffff
    dc000000 00000004
    d2000000 00000000
    d0000000 00000000
    94000130 fffb0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    c0000000 0000000e
    00001380 ffffffff
    dc000000 00000004
    d2000000 00000000
    d0000000 00000000
    94000130 fffb0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    e00013bc 000000a8
    32001fff 70000000
    00000000 00000000
    08050000 00000000
    00000000 00000000
    00032000 00000000
    02000000 00000000
    08000000 90000000
    00800000 20000000
    00000080 7fffffff
    fffffffc fffcffff
    7e7ff9e7 ff9c7ef7
    ffffffff fffffeff
    f8e3e6ff ffffffff
    fefffff7 ff3cffff
    081fffff dffffffc
    ffe7ffff 39ffdfff
    00000090 a2ac83fb
    e4e4fefe 03020100
    07060504 0b0a0908
    0f0e0d0c 13121110
    17161514 1b1a1918
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 fffb0000
    b2101d40 00000000
    c0000000 000001ec
    20001465 0000003f
    dc000000 00000001
    d2000000 00000000
    d0000000 00000000

  60. code finder Says:

    to cheat finder, your welcome and thank you for using this codes.
    to everyone that might have used this codes thank you and hope you like them.

  61. code finder Says:

    sorry, i wrote cheat finder. :( i meant cheats and fun… again sorry.

  62. chandlerteon Says:

    holy shit it worked!

  63. shay Says:

    i tried code finder’s codes for both pikachu and rayquaza and all i gat were bad eggs. can you tell me what i did wrong.

  64. shay Says:

    and when you copy and paste the codes onto you action replay manerger how do you do that cause i tried yet nothings working

  65. code finder Says:

    shay: first things first, you must make your own codelist in the “my codes” section. then pick the game you want to download gams for and put it in the codelist. after that you press “add new cheat” and put the name of the cheat and the code. and i dont know the reason you get bad eggs…. it works for most people… sorry i couldnt help out with that :(

  66. shay Says:

    i tried to make a new codelist but all it says is rename, make copy, or refresh codlist. i trid to mark it for pokemon but it wouldn’t let me. even though it is one of the things you can click on, whenever i do that nothing happens. but i don’t know, i think my action replay might be defected since i turned it on today and every single code i had in it which was over 4000 was gone! i tried to put it again manually but it went ape on me! so now i’m getting a new one today. so maybe you could walk me through this since i’m a total newb at this? i hope i’m not a bother T_T

  67. shay Says:

    and could you be specific because when i tried to send the codes to action replay useing the manerger as soon as i conected them my action replay was trying to upgrade it, last time it upgraded anything i lost everything that had anything to do with pokemon platinum. i’m a mess!!

  68. code finder Says:

    ok, you allready have the code list, all u have to do is right click and press add new game, or take the game directly from the AR code manager and move it to the new codelist.all u do is go to US codejunkies games clik on pokemon platinum without releasing the left clik botton and drag it to the codelist. then when you have the game you right click it and choose “add new cheat”. then a page will apear asking the name of the code, and the code itself.. i suggest you copy and paste the code, its faster and easier. unfortunately some sites have copyright, so ull have to write it manualy sometimes…

    hope this helps :)

  69. code finder Says:

    ok, you allready have the code list, all u have to do is right click and press add new game, or take the game directly from the AR code manager and move it to the new codelist.all u do is go to US codejunkies games clik on pokemon platinum without releasing the left clik botton and drag it to the codelist. then when you have the game you right click it and choose “add new cheat”. then a page will apear asking the name of the code, and the code itself.. i suggest you copy and paste the code, its faster and easier. unfortunately some sites have copyright, so ull have to write it manualy sometimes…

    hope this helps :) :) :) :)

  70. code finder Says:

    sorry i wrote it twice accidentally :P

  71. code finder Says:

    if anyone has any questions feel free to ask :) bye!!

  72. shay Says:

    thanks for all the help you gave me i have a code that i think everyone will love. it’s a maxed out sableye it can use doom disire, perish song and two other moves i can’t remember. it have the wondergaurd ability meaning only super affective moves can even hit it! however! being a dark/ghost type pokemon no move is super affective against it meaning no attack can touch it! this is the ultimate pokemon, one that can claim to be the most untouchable of them all!only moves like poison powder can affect it because it’s not a direct attack. It’s also a shiny pokemon!

    however you never want to face a ditto useing this pokemon because then the battle will never end so watch out for that pokemon and any other with the ability to copy ablitlties.

    but you must be careful it deletes you entire pokemon party so make sure you only have crappy pokemon with you at the time.

    94000130 FCFF0000
    B2101D40 00000000
    E00000B4 000000EC
    E1F6E1F6 966E0000
    D13475CB 460D35E8
    07E44D01 46119FB6
    4CC15E77 CF019433
    7ECE2ED6 14096101
    6B8642D5 6DBB2546
    AD1827A7 9843693E
    BE9A38B3 FEB2E356
    508055BD EAFA7470
    B4CE6C80 5498A6A2
    27D5E4C5 3FB56267
    08480348 826786EF
    F349ADAE 016C6319
    D79F984F 2E6B33D0
    FFF905A6 8D978CB5
    6C050AB8 07037DD2
    6FD5177F A3C72635
    855BA93B AF15B969
    8621C0BE 90E2DCC8
    E62C0336 89673923
    572728D7 378DB023
    88FECD26 440B6982
    21C458E1 43C90EC2
    01D7D4D5 0CA36084
    1C41DD4C 706CAB19
    93617AC4 A435F059
    E96BDEA3 C18DCD85
    5766CFDA 00000000
    200000B0 00000001
    D2000000 00000000

    i know it’s a long code but soooooooooo worth it. im looking in on another cold about a golden magikarp that is level 100 can do roar of time, special rend,Dark Void and Judgement! when i test it and if it works i’ll put it on here

  73. shay Says:

    sorry i forgot you press L+R for that code!

  74. shay Says:

    yes it works!!!!! the golden magikarp works and its stats are 500 everything with the ability volt absorb!! so electric attacks only help it!! how sweet is that!! it deletes the first pokemon in you party. you press L+R you might have to press l+r while looking at the screen thing that holds your pokemon, i had to do that but you might not. but it works, heres the code

    94000130 FCFF0000
    B2101D40 00000000
    E00000B4 000000EC
    29E0D9F1 69F20000
    9959826D DC335A78
    892C7359 E81D473B
    A53B593E 09ED73DE
    610C2020 D136F3B0
    D9871168 D03478B7
    064BC0A7 1BCCEB0D
    5E43A905 6A183092
    089869AB 9521CA42
    C48D0E71 84DD5518
    5CDECE8C CA8712D6
    43C729E6 638FB7E4
    13BD1BD4 73EAF665
    81781200 01823E69
    711D85B0 DC38F28A
    0CD69533 562E30E0
    586B2401 71F99886
    E654188A AE97F941
    F7591047 AE497043
    6A19AB60 CC9EEBF6
    ACE22854 358631FC
    9D5ECF38 BB2E5A10
    A78B8FB5 9A9D383B
    1CD414E2 CCCC533C
    39EEADEA F29CF7D0
    B5E41CEC 0C093C33
    2E6F7022 6EA0B7E5
    058A4944 AF2EF3B1
    8446372E 00000000
    D2000000 00000000

  75. code finder Says:

    cool codes, and glad i helped, but be careful some codes might crash your game so look only for codes you r sure u want :)

  76. code finder Says:

    um hey guys, i know this is totally out from the theme but i also have codes for pokemon pearl or diamond versions. just thought id let u know. cheats and fun: if its nota permited to imput codes from other games here tell me please.

  77. code finder Says:

    i mean from pokemon pearl diamond and platinum. am i permited to input codes from the threee or is this blog only for platinum??

  78. code finder Says:

    by the way does anyone have an any pokemon can learn any tm/hm code that works?? i have one but i havent been able to test it. and ive tested 2 other codes of tm/hm but they just froze my game. any help??

  79. shay Says:

    yeah i have one it works to. i use it all the time

    (press select+ up)

    9207802e 0000d001
    1207602e 000046c0
    d2000000 00000000

    do you have a code that can modify tm hms so you have a tm that can hold roar of time or something?

  80. shay Says:

    sorry mess up!!!!!

    the right code is

    9207802e 0000d001
    1207802e 000046c0
    d2000000 00000000

  81. code finder Says:

    thanxx for the code, cant use it now my ds is busted but ill get a new 1 soon. and no i dont have code for tm modifier but ill look for it.

  82. code finder Says:

    um i found a move modifier but i think it wont work here is the web site i checked just in case:

    and here is the code with description:

    ::Move Modifier
    :::Change TM01 Move (xxx = move hex values)
    920F0BFE 00000151
    120F0BFC 00000XXX
    D2000000 00000000

    Dec Hex Move
    000 000 No Move
    001 001 Pound
    002 002 Karate Chop
    003 003 DoubleSlap
    004 004 Comet Punch
    005 005 Mega Punch
    006 006 Pay Day
    007 007 Fire Punch
    008 008 Ice Punch
    009 009 ThunderPunch
    010 00A Scratch
    011 00B ViceGrip
    012 00C Guillotine
    013 00D Razor Wind
    014 00E Swords Dance
    015 00F Cut
    016 010 Gust
    017 011 Wing Attack
    018 012 Whirlwind
    019 013 Fly
    020 014 Bind
    021 015 Slam
    022 016 Vine Whip
    023 017 Stomp
    024 018 Double Kick
    025 019 Mega Kick
    026 01A Jump Kick
    027 01B Rolling Kick
    028 01C Sand-Attack
    029 01D Headbutt
    030 01E Horn Attack
    031 01f Fury Attack
    032 020 Horn Drill
    033 021 Tackle
    034 022 Body Slam
    035 023 Wrap
    036 024 Take Down
    037 025 Thrash
    038 026 Double-Edge
    039 027 Tail Whip
    040 028 Poison Sting
    041 029 Twineedle
    042 02A Pin Missile
    043 02B Leer
    044 02C Bite
    045 02D Growl
    046 02E Roar
    047 02F Sing
    048 030 Supersonic
    049 031 SonicBoom
    050 032 Disable
    051 033 Acid
    052 034 Ember
    053 035 Flamethrower
    054 036 Mist
    055 037 Water Gun
    056 038 Hydro Pump
    057 039 Surf
    058 03A Ice Beam
    059 03B Blizzard
    060 03C Psybeam
    061 03D BubbleBeam
    062 03E Aurora Beam
    063 03F Hyper Beam
    064 040 Peck
    065 041 Drill Peck
    066 042 Submission
    067 043 Low Kick
    068 044 Counter
    069 045 Seismic Toss
    070 046 Strength
    071 047 Absorb
    072 048 Mega Drain
    073 049 Leech Seed
    074 04A Growth
    075 04B Razor Leaf
    076 04C SolarBeam
    077 04D PoisonPowder
    078 04E Stun Spore
    079 04F Sleep Powder
    080 050 Petal Dance
    081 051 String Shot
    082 052 Dragon Rage
    083 053 Fire Spin
    084 054 ThunderShock
    085 055 Thunderbolt
    086 056 Thunder Wave
    087 057 Thunder
    088 058 Rock Throw
    089 059 Earthquake
    090 05A Fissure
    091 05B Dig
    092 05C Toxic
    093 05D Confusion
    094 05E Psychic
    095 05F Hypnosis
    096 060 Meditate
    097 061 Agility
    098 062 Quick Attack
    099 063 Rage
    100 064 Teleport
    101 065 Night Shade
    102 066 Mimic
    103 067 Screech
    104 068 Double Team
    105 069 Recover
    106 06A Harden
    107 06B Minimize
    108 06C SmokeScreen
    109 06D Confuse Ray
    110 06E Withdraw
    111 06F Defense Curl
    112 070 Barrier
    113 071 Light Screen
    114 072 Haze
    115 073 Reflect
    116 074 Focus Energy
    117 075 Bide
    118 076 Metronome
    119 077 Mirror Move
    120 078 Selfdestruct
    121 079 Egg Bomb
    122 07A Lick
    123 07B Smog
    124 07C Sludge
    125 07D Bone Club
    126 07E Fire Blast
    127 07F Waterfall
    128 080 Clamp
    129 081 Swift
    130 082 Skull Bash
    131 083 Spike Cannon
    132 084 Constrict
    133 085 Amnesia
    134 086 Kinesis
    135 087 Softboiled
    136 088 Hi Jump Kick
    137 089 Glare
    138 08A Dream Eater
    139 08B Poison Gas
    140 08C Barrage
    141 08D Leech Life
    142 08E Lovely Kiss
    143 08F Sky Attack
    144 090 Transform
    145 091 Bubble
    146 092 Dizzy Punch
    147 093 Spore
    148 094 Flash
    149 095 Psywave
    150 096 Splash
    151 097 Acid Armor
    152 098 Crabhammer
    153 099 Explosion
    154 09A Fury Swipes
    155 09B Bonemerang
    156 09C Rest
    157 09D Rock Slide
    158 09E Hyper Fang
    159 09F Sharpen
    160 0A0 Conversion
    161 0A1 Tri Attack
    162 0A2 Super Fang
    163 0A3 Slash
    164 0A4 Substitute
    165 0A5 Struggle
    166 0A6 Sketch
    167 0A7 Triple Kick
    168 0A8 Thief
    169 0A9 Spider Web
    170 0AA Mind Reader
    171 0AB Nightmare
    172 0AC Flame Wheel
    173 0AD Snore
    174 0AE Curse
    175 0AF Flail
    176 0B0 Conversion 2
    177 0B1 Aeroblast
    178 0B2 Cotton Spore
    179 0B3 Reversal
    180 0B4 Spite
    181 0B5 Powder Snow
    182 0B6 Protect
    183 0B7 Mach Punch
    184 0B8 Scary Face
    185 0B9 Faint Attack
    186 0BA Sweet Kiss
    187 0BB Belly Drum
    188 0BC Sludge Bomb
    189 0BD Mud-Slap
    190 0BE Octazooka
    191 0BF Spikes
    192 0C0 Zap Cannon
    193 0C1 Foresight
    194 0C2 Destiny Bond
    195 0C3 Perish Song
    196 0C4 Icy Wind
    197 0C5 Detect
    198 0C6 Bone Rush
    199 0C7 Lock-On
    200 0C8 Outrage
    201 0C9 Sandstorm
    202 0CA Giga Drain
    203 0CB Endure
    204 0CC Charm
    205 0CD Rollout
    206 0CE False Swipe
    207 0CF Swagger
    208 0D0 Milk Drink
    209 0D1 Spark
    210 0D2 Fury Cutter
    211 0D3 Steel Wing
    212 0D4 Mean Look
    213 0D5 Attract
    214 0D6 Sleep Talk
    215 0D7 Heal Bell
    216 0D8 Return
    217 0D9 Present
    218 0DA Frustration
    219 0DB Safeguard
    220 0DC Pain Split
    221 0DD Sacred Fire
    222 0DE Magnitude
    223 0DF DynamicPunch
    224 0E0 Megahorn
    225 0E1 DragonBreath
    226 0E2 Baton Pass
    227 0E3 Encore
    228 0E4 Pursuit
    229 0E5 Rapid Spin
    230 0E6 Sweet Scent
    231 0E7 Iron Tail
    232 0E8 Metal Claw
    233 0E9 Vital Throw
    234 0EA Morning Sun
    235 0EB Synthesis
    236 0EC Moonlight
    237 0ED Hidden Power
    238 0EE Cross Chop
    239 0EF Twister
    240 0F0 Rain Dance
    241 0F1 Sunny Day
    242 0F2 Crunch
    243 0F3 Mirror Coat
    244 0F4 Psych Up
    245 0F5 ExtremeSpeed
    246 0F6 AncientPower
    247 0F7 Shadow Ball
    248 0F8 Future Sight
    249 0F9 Rock Smash
    250 0FA Whirlpool
    251 0FB Beat Up
    252 0FC Fake Out
    253 0FD Uproar
    254 0FE Stockpile
    255 0FF Spit Up
    256 100 Swallow
    257 101 Heat Wave
    258 102 Hail
    259 103 Torment
    260 104 Flatter
    261 105 Will-O-Wisp
    262 106 Memento
    263 107 Facade
    264 108 Focus Punch
    265 109 SmellingSalt
    266 10A Follow Me
    267 10B Nature Power
    268 10C Charge
    269 10D Taunt
    270 10E Helping Hand
    271 10F Trick
    272 110 Role Play
    273 111 Wish
    274 112 Assist
    275 113 Ingrain
    276 114 Superpower
    277 115 Magic Coat
    278 116 Recycle
    279 117 Revenge
    280 118 Brick Break
    281 119 Yawn
    282 11A Knock Off
    283 11B Endeavor
    284 11C Eruption
    285 11D Skill Swap
    286 11E Imprison
    287 11F Refresh
    288 120 Grudge
    289 121 Snatch
    290 122 Secret Power
    291 123 Dive
    292 124 Arm Thrust
    293 125 Camouflage
    294 126 Tail Glow
    295 127 Luster Purge
    296 128 Mist Ball
    297 129 FeatherDance
    298 12A Teeter Dance
    299 12B Blaze Kick
    300 12C Mud Sport
    301 12D IBall
    302 12E Needle Arm
    303 12F Slack Off
    304 130 Hyper Voice
    305 131 Poison Fang
    306 132 Crush Claw
    307 133 Blast Burn
    308 134 Hydro Cannon
    309 135 Meteor Mash
    310 136 Astonish
    311 137 Weather Ball
    312 138 Aromatherapy
    313 139 Fake Tears
    314 13A Air Cutter
    315 13B Overheat
    316 13C Odor Sleuth
    317 13D Rock Tomb
    318 13E Silver Wind
    319 13F Metal Sound
    320 140 GrassWhistle
    321 141 Tickle
    322 142 Cosmic Power
    323 143 Water Spout
    324 144 Signal Beam
    325 145 Shadow Punch
    326 146 Extrasensory
    327 147 Sky Uppercut
    328 148 Sand Tomb
    329 149 Sheer Cold
    330 14A Muddy Water
    331 14B Bullet Seed
    332 14C Aerial Ace
    333 14D Icicle Spear
    334 14E Iron Defense
    335 14F Block
    336 150 Howl
    337 151 Dragon Claw
    338 152 Frenzy Plant
    339 153 Bulk Up
    340 154 Bounce
    341 155 Mud Shot
    342 156 Poison Tail
    343 157 Covet
    344 158 Volt Tackle
    345 159 Magical Leaf
    346 15A Water Sport
    347 15B Calm Mind
    348 15C LeBlade
    349 15D Dragon Dance
    350 15E Rock Blast
    351 15F Shock Wave
    352 160 Water Pulse
    353 161 Doom Desire
    354 162 Psycho Boost
    355 163 Roost
    356 164 Gravity
    357 165 Miracle Eye
    358 166 Wake-Up Slap
    359 167 Hammer Arm
    360 168 Gyro Ball
    361 169 Healing Wish
    362 16A Brine
    363 16B Natural Gift
    364 16C Feint
    365 16D Pluck
    366 16E Tailwind
    367 16F Acupressure
    368 170 Metal Burst
    369 171 U-turn
    370 172 Close Combat
    371 173 Payback
    372 174 Assurance
    373 175 Embargo
    374 176 Fling
    375 177 Psycho Shift
    376 178 Trump Card
    377 179 Heal Block
    378 17A Wring Out
    379 17B Power Trick
    380 17C Gastro Acid
    381 17D Lucky Chant
    382 17E Me First
    383 17F Copycat
    384 180 Power Swap
    385 181 Guard Swap
    386 182 Punishment
    387 183 Last Resort
    388 184 Worry Seed
    389 185 Sucker Punch
    390 186 Toxic Spikes
    391 187 Heart Swap
    392 188 Aqua Ring
    393 189 Magnet Rise
    394 18A Flare Blitz
    395 18B ForPalm
    396 18C Aura Sphere
    397 18D Rock Polish
    398 18E Poison Jab
    399 18F Dark Pulse
    400 190 Night Slash
    401 191 Aqua Tail
    402 192 SeBomb
    403 193 Air Slash
    404 194 X-Scissor
    405 195 Bug Buzz
    406 196 Dragon Pulse
    407 197 Dragon Rush
    408 198 Power Gem
    409 199 Drain Punch
    410 19A Vacuum Wave
    411 19B Focus Blast
    412 19C Energy Ball
    413 19D Brave Bird
    414 19E Earth Power
    415 19F Switcheroo
    416 1A0 Giga Impact
    417 1A1 Nasty Plot
    418 1A2 Bullet Punch
    419 1A3 Avalanche
    420 1A4 IShard
    421 1A5 Shadow Claw
    422 1A6 Thunder Fang
    423 1A7 IFang
    424 1A8 Fire Fang
    425 1A9 Shadow Sneak
    426 1AA Mud Bomb
    427 1AB Psycho Cut
    428 1AC Zen Headbutt
    429 1AD Mirror Shot
    430 1AE Flash Cannon
    431 1AF Rock Climb
    432 1B0 Defog
    433 1B1 Trick Room
    434 1B2 Draco Meteor
    435 1B3 Discharge
    436 1B4 Lava Plume
    437 1B5 LeStorm
    438 1B6 Power Whip
    439 1B7 Rock Wrecker
    440 1B8 Cross Poison
    441 1B9 Gunk Shot
    442 1BA Iron Head
    443 1BB Magnet Bomb
    444 1BC Stone Edge
    445 1BD Captivate
    446 1BE Stealth Rock
    447 1BF Grass Knot
    448 1C0 Chatter
    449 1C1 Judgment
    450 1C2 Bug Bite
    451 1C3 Charge Beam
    452 1C4 Wood Hammer
    453 1C5 Aqua Jet
    454 1C6 Attack Order
    455 1C7 Defend Order
    456 1C8 Heal Order
    457 1C9 HeSmash
    458 1CA Double Hit
    459 1CB Roar of Time
    460 1CC Spacial Rend
    461 1CD Lunar Dance
    462 1CE Crush Grip
    463 1CF Magma Storm
    464 1D0 Dark Void
    465 1D1 SeFlare
    466 1D2 Ominous Wind
    467 1D3 Shadow Force

    i havent tested it so be careful if you use it.

  83. code finder Says:

    by the way i think the numbers u have to input are the ones below the word “hex”.

  84. shay Says:

    it works!!!! thanks and coupled with the cheat that can make a pokemon learn any tm you have the ultimate pokemon on you hands if you train them enough!!!!!!! especaily if you have that maxed out sebleye

  85. code finder Says:

    yep!! thanxx for lettin me know. :) and glad i helped :)

  86. code finder Says:

    anyone got a code that gives you all ribbons??

  87. code finder Says:

    i want a code that gives you all PKMN in the PC and works. anyone have it??

  88. Hakuna-Ma-Pokemon! Says:

    The move modifier code that code finder typed works. I found that code before and it works perfectly. It changes TM1, to the move you make it. I also had a any pokemon learns any move code to, and i taught my Bulbasaur Flamethrower. But i restarted my game and i am waaaaaaaaaaayyyy at the beggining. I forgot the codes, but i will look some codes up. There is one that gets you the Ultimate Weedle.

  89. Hakuna-Ma-Pokemon! Says:

    Oh i forgot to say that i am new here. Hi!

  90. cheatsandfun Says:

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  91. Alexis(CodeFinder) Says:

    hi Hakuna-Ma-Pokemon! its great my code works…. unfortunately i had spent four hours writing in all the tm cheats and now they’re all gone… :( oh well. but i had used it before and now i have the rarest pokemon in the world at my hands. A Level 100 Magikarp :) anybody would laught but, it is a lot more awesome than they think. >:) it has a speed of 345, attack 277, deffence 300, special deffence 345, special attack 290, accuracy 350, and evasiness 259. all of those stats ai achived whitout an action replay because it had pokerus infection, not only that, he leveled up faster and he is shiny. then i got the move modifier and any tm able codes. now he has Spacial Rend, Volt Tackle, Blaze Kick, and explosion(if i have low HP i use it as last resort since it takes a lot of damage even if its not very effective). i use it, along with my fave pkmn Infernape, Palkia, Giratina, Dragonite, and Sableye(with wonder guard and scince its Ghost/Dark type it is invinceble). no one beats me with those guys. :)

  92. Random Player Says:

    Thank you ^^ !!!!

  93. Jonny Says:

    does any1 know a code for 99 PP Max? thanx in advance

  94. lord coder any one needs code Says:

    ill give people code to walk in grass and get darkrai just ask i also have every pokemon so beating the game will b your choice

  95. lord coder any one needs code Says:

    if some doesent have ar ill b willing to give them my darkrai just email me at

  96. lord coder any one needs code Says:

    code is94000130 FFFB0000
    D5000000 00000xxx
    B2101640 00000000
    C0000000 0000000B
    D7000000 000233EC
    DC000000 00000006
    D2000000 00000000

    Pt the number of the the desired pokemon in the xxx and hold select in cave, tall grass, basically anywhere you can run into pokemon and chu ching pokemon ahoy make sure you have poke’balls.

  97. lord coder any one needs code Says:

    … i dont think its posting

  98. lord coder any one needs code Says:

    this is darkrai code do its not the event read instructing so it works

    darkrai lvl2
    94000130 FFFB0000
    D5000000 0000001EB
    B2101D40 000000000
    C0000000 000000000B
    D7000000 000233EC
    DC000000 00000006
    D2000000 000000000

  99. lord coder any one needs code Says:

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