Pokemon Platinum - Change ID of Main Character  - Action Replay

Change ID of Main Character (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
B2101140 00000000
1000008C 0000xxxx
D2000000 00000000

2 Responses to “Pokemon Platinum - Change Main Character ID - Cheat!”

  1. Jessie Says:

    I tried this code on the Action Replay, typed in exactly as written, with several different combinations for the Xxxx values (0FFF, FFFF, 0000, etc.) but I could not change the ID.

  2. Jessie Says:

    I fixed it! The only change is that in the second line, ‘B2101140′ should be ‘B2101D40′. Now, it will change you Trainer ID number.

    Note, that once you change your Trainer ID number, all of the Pokemon you have caught will act as traded Pokemon and gain boosted EXP.


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